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Moke Lake, Queenstown

The Moke Lake trail is an easy and beautiful walk just outside of Queenstown.

Queenstown is a popular destination for those who like to hike. There are a number of demanding hikes near town that will take you up and over mountains, however if you’re looking for something less exhausting then we recommend heading out to Moke Lake.  

Located just outside of town the 2 hour return walk is absolutely beautiful. The walk itself starts at the campsite and makes its way around the entire lake. The trail is easy to follow and only inclines a couple of times, making it a relaxing and enjoyable walk. It is surrounded by farm land and mountains, creating a peaceful and charming atmosphere. The reflections of the surrounding mountains on the Lake are also incredible and make for some great photo opportunities. Around halfway into the walk the trail detours into a little forest that takes you out onto the front of lake, we stopped here for about half an hour to enjoy the scenery and quench our thirst. It then continues around the lake and through some wetlands before reaching the gravel road. Take a picnic for when you finish the trail and enjoy the peace and quite. It is a great place to spend your afternoon and doesn’t cost a cent.

Moke Lake is also located on the Moonlight Track that begins at Arthur’s Point. If you planning to do this full day hike make sure you have plenty of water and food. You will reach Moke Lake around 4 hours into your hike, from here it is around another 2 hours walk to Queenstown.


G E T T I N G  T H E R E

The turn off to Lake Moke Road is about 6km west of Queenstown on Glenorchy Road; it then continues on for about 7km on a gravel road before it reaches the lake. Make sure you check the weather before you go as only 4WD access in permitted in winter.

There is also a campsite at the lake with around 50 non-powered sites. No booking is required, it is a first come first serve basis. There are basic facilities also available including toilets and water. This is a beautiful location very close to town that is looked after very well.


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