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London City Guide

Getting lost in a city when you have nowhere to be is incredibly fun, so make London your playground and go exploring.

London is one of the greatest cities in the world. It has everything you need; history, culture, amazing food and anything else you can think of.

Now it is hard writing a guide of all the things to do in London as there are just so many things, and we won’t patronise you by telling you to visit Buckingham Palace or Big Ben or anywhere like that. You will probably come across them anyway as you explore the city. We just want you to know that as a traveller you’ll get to relish in the experiences Londoners are too busy to enjoy. You could spend hours restocking your fiction at the Southbank book market or eating free tasters in Camden market all day long. The beauty of being a tourist in a big city is that your experience will be your own. You will find that special cafe or quirky bar that turn out to be one of your fondest memories of your trip. Getting lost in a city when you have nowhere to be is incredibly fun, so make London your playground and go exploring.

There are lots of free museums dotted all around London including the British Museum, the National History Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum that are all great places to spend an afternoon learning about the history of this wonderful country. There are also countless paintings just waiting to be gawked at in the National Gallery and hundreds of squirrels to befriend in Hyde Park. If you’re visiting this summer make sure you prepare a picnic and head to one of the parks around the city to soak up the sun; we recommend setting up camp in either Holland or Regents Park.

There is also an abundance of friendly and affordable hostels littered throughout the city that are all pretty central so getting around and making friends shouldn’t be too hard. After all, aside from remembering your passport, being sociable is the number one rule of traveling.

Having spent four years living in London making the choice to walk or get the tube is a decision you make on a daily basis. and although it can be hard to avoid sometimes, especially if you plan of exploring East or West London, getting around the CBD is actually very easy on foot. It is obviously better for the environment and the healthier option, but if you need to use public transport, how about the Santander Cycles. There are over 750 docking stations around the city and over 11,000 bikes ready to go, they don’t cost much and are great for exploring the parks and streets of London. There are cycle lanes on most streets do don’t worry about having to content with traffic.


London is also a great city to be if you’re a vegetarian. There are so many great cafes and restaurants that sell vege options as well as a number of vegan restaurants as well. You’re better of just googling vegetarian eats wherever you are as London is a huge place so writing a guide would be pretty difficult.

London was my home for nearly 4 years and will hopefully be again if we decide to move back to the UK. There is always something going on, whatever the weather. There are some amazing markets, Borough Market being our personal favourite, an incredible amount of diversity and a buzz that always keeps you pumped. If or when you’re ready to leave, just catch a cheap bus to Amsterdam, hop on the Eurostar to Paris or fly from one of the 5 international airports to pretty much anywhere in the world.


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