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I’m going to learn so much, and not just how to accessorise my gloves and tools with my outfit, but actual skills that I can carry with me for the rest of my life.

I’ve been living in Australia now for six months, in case you didn’t know, that’s half of my visa already up. That means I only have another six months to do everything I came here to do. Where has the time gone? When I think about it, It feels like i’ve been here a lot longer but I haven’t done even half of the things I came here to do. I got sidetracked making a life for myself. A good life nonetheless, but a life I could create anywhere. That’s why we decided to quit our jobs, leave the Gold Coast and head for the bush to start working towards our second year visa’s.

We chucked away the majority of our belongings, packed our bags, bid a fond farewell to my best friends and headed south. We arrived in Byron Bay and checked in at the Arts Factory. We had falafel, drank some beers, showered in the worst communal bathroom ever before we settled down for the night, in again, the most uncomfortable bed ever. The next morning we continued south. We laughed, we argued, we stopped at truck stops for nervous pee’s all before we arrived in Casino, the beef capital of Australia – we’re obviously vegetarian so you can imagine our delight as we spotted the sign on my way in. After we drove out of town we continued on dirts roads carefully avoiding suicidal Kangaroos towards the place we might possibly call home for the next three months. We drove through the gates, nervous as hell I might add, parked carefully on the lawn to avoid running over a chicken or two and headed towards the door…

I’ve been living on the farm now for six days. As you can imagine it’s a completely different life to what i’m used to. I mean I’ve got a neat hair cut, I’m a clean freak. I like to wear nice shoes and eat croissants. I’m a city boy. However, even though I stick out like a sore thumb this is an experience that i’m sure i’ll always remember.

I’m going to learn so much, and not just how to accessorise my gloves and tools with my outfit, but actual skills that I can carry with me for the rest of my life. I’m hopefully going to figure out what it is I want to do with my life. I’m going to get fat because my host makes delicious scones all the time. I’m going to learn how to better pass the time because theres no signal here. I can’t stroll through Facebook to cure my boredom, I can’t call my best friend when i’m on the toilet to tell her i’m on the toilet. I can’t go for a peaceful walk without having a stand off with a deadly snake but I guess this is my life now, and I kinda love it. Thankfully though, there are four other workers who have helped ease us into this life.

Even though I can’t wait complete my 88 days, right now I’m happy to go along with for ride. I miss my friends, good coffee and the internet, but this experience is going to be unbelievably rewarding. I know it’s going to be hard and it’s going to challenge me in ways I can’t even fathom, but I know I might just have some of the best months of my life here at Bold Fresh Ranch. I live on a farm. WTF.


1 comment on “WWOOFING AWAY

  1. You can do it Bambi! We miss you already! Roll on being neighbours for a while in the Gold Coast xx


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