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Brisbane City Guide

I’ve passed through Brisbane a couple of times now, I even spent my first night in Australia there, all the way back in 2011, so it seemed only right that  I went back and gave it my utmost attention.

imageI woke up early, picked up a coffee and walked to Broadbeach South, where I caught the 745 bus to Nerang Station. Once on the train, which surprisingly had free wifi, I couldn’t stop smiling. There’s nothing more exciting than heading into a city with no plans, no expectations and where know one knows your name.

After I arrived into Central Station I had the liberty of being able to choose which direction I wanted to head in. I choose south. Well it was down hill so to me that meant south. I was hit by way a giant wave of shops, people, and humidity.

The streets were so busy, all the buildings looked the same and I faced the possiblity of death every time I tried to cross the road. For some bizarre reason, when the light signalling cars to turn goes green, so does the light signalling pedestrians to cross. Where is the logic to this? image

Anyway, after zig-zagging my way around Queens St, seeking out shade near City Hall and running frantically around for the toilet, I finally found refuge. The botanical gardens.

I welcomed its peace with open arms. I got myself a coffee and sat down to actually enjoy the weather. Now then, If you find yourself here, be sure to rent out a bike, something I wish I did, so that you can experience the entireity of the gardens. As beautiful as it was, walking along the Mangrove Broadwalk in the blisteiring heat was bloody tiring. When you’re done, go have a chat with the cute guy on the coffee stand who will politely give you some advice about what you can do with the rest of your day.

Taking his advice, I headed towards the Southbank. For those of you who are familiar with London, it’s basically the same setup, except with free wifi, a smaller wheel and an artificial beach, overflowing with children I might add! It’s also where the majority of the museums, which are all free by the way, reside. image

In the hopes of finding some culture within the city, I ventured towards the Museum Gallery Of Modern Art. I won’t give too much away, but the indiginous pieces are provoking and defiantly worth your time. If your travelling alone you might also be lucky enough to make some friends in the cafe like I did. An ibis, who was determined to have a bite of my egg and cress sandwich and a giant lizard who sat beside me as I quickly drank my latte in fear of being bitten.

As the day the went on I found myself walking, again, idly around the streets of Brisbane, taking lefts, rights, hoping that something would inspire me,  invite me in… But sadly nothing ever did.

I have no doubt that there are some really interesting things to see and do in Brisbane, but behind the cloud of businessmen and women, I imagine there hard to find! One thing I did notice, however, was that it is exceptionally well taken care off; the streets are clean, there are recycling bins next to general waste bins and there are plenty of cycling lanes for everyone to get around.

Whether I’ve changed or the city has, not even walking past the same hostel where my experience began could ignite my fire. imageI’m sure my experience would have been different if I went on a weekend or actually planned my day, but where is the fun in it? As as traveller you have have to take the good days with the bad – I’m ready for my next challenge!

Jon x


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